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Bud is a training management platform which manages all aspects of training delivery.  The Bud platform was built by combining the knowledge of industry experts with the brightest minds in software development.  The Bud team has a unique perspective of the sector which ensures they always understand your viewpoint.  The team delivers enterprise quality and will collaborate with you to help your business grow and adapt in this rapidly changing industry.

Bud was designed to meet the needs of the end user.  The platform drives both consistency and learner engagement to create a captivating learner experience.  Our easy and intuitive platform means it requires minimal training to operate.

The Bud platform automates and workflows best-practice working methods meaning data does not have to be collected from numerous points.  Bud gives a 360-degree view of every learner making it easy for you to know which learners are falling behind and what action to take.

The Bud platform also offers a competitive advantage when pitching to employers.  Bud can really add credibility to your business.  We are delighted that more and more training providers are choosing Bud.  Mark Botha, CEO at Paragon Skills said “Bud Systems is the best on the market.  It’s been built purposefully for Apprenticeship standards and delivering rich, intuitive content.”

Bud is a platform that continues to evolve rapidly, responding to changes in industry rules and regulations and emerging best practice guidance.  As a result, Bud enables providers to focus on delivering high quality teaching and learning whilst achieving continuous, sustainable growth.   Our single, joined-up system provides a solution for every stakeholder: the business, the trainers, the employers and the learners.