The Annual Apprenticeship Conference (AAC) is renowned for its stellar lineup of speakers, and this year is no exception. Our keynote speakers, featured in the plenary sessions, are a blend of the brightest minds and influential figures in the apprenticeship sector. Attendees can look forward to insights from leading thinkers, high-ranking government officials, and prominent civil servants. These experts will share their valuable perspectives on the latest trends, policies, and innovations shaping the future of apprenticeships.

In addition to the keynotes, our workshop sessions boast an equally impressive roster of speakers. These individuals hail from a diverse array of backgrounds, including government agencies, renowned employers, and top-tier apprenticeship providers. Their expertise covers a wide spectrum of topics pertinent to apprenticeships, from the intricacies of policy-making and funding to best practices in training and development.

The AAC is a unique opportunity to hear from and interact with these thought leaders. Their presentations and discussions are not just informative but also instrumental in driving forward the dialogue and development in the field of apprenticeships. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and engaged at the AAC, where the brightest minds converge to shape the future of apprenticeship education and training.

More speakers to be announced
Ahead of the AAC 2024 further speakers will be announced. Look out for further announcements soon.