The AAC conference offers an extensive range of workshops designed to furnish delegates with crucial updates and innovative ideas. Across the span of two days, participants can choose from an impressive array of 60 different workshops, each lasting 50 minutes. This diverse selection ensures that there is something valuable for everyone, regardless of their specific interests or needs within the apprenticeship sector.

These workshops are the result of collaborative efforts with leading organisations and key figures actively involved in apprenticeships. A variety of presenters, including government departments and agencies, colleges, training providers, and employers, will deliver these sessions. Their expertise and insights are invaluable for attendees seeking practical knowledge and new perspectives.

These workshops are specially designed to provide practical, actionable insights. Whether you’re an employer looking to optimise your apprenticeship programs or a provider keen on understanding the latest regulatory landscape, these sessions are tailored to meet a range of needs and interests

Further content will be announced in January.