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Each year AAC works with various organisations to deliver a selection of informative workshops. Across two days, delegates will have access to 60 workshops covering a range of subjects important to the successful delivery of apprenticeships.

A range of topics

All workshops last for 50 minutes; there will be three periods of workshops per day at AAC 2023. Our workshops will be of benefit to apprenticeship providers and employers. Topics covered will include funding, assessment, regulation, policy and delivery best practices.

Apply today

We’re now accepting applications to provide a workshop at AAC 2023. We’re keen to hear from individuals with unique and insightful insights that they can share with our delegates. Applications need to be submitted before the end of Friday 25 November.

Attending Conference

Speakers for successful submissions will receive a complimentary two-day ticket to the conference.

AAC Workshops

We’re now accepting applications to hold a workshop at the Annual Apprenticeship Conference. Please note that all workshops at the conference will last for 50 minutes and that we can accommodate a maximum of three speakers per workshop. If you wish to hold a panel-style session with more than three contributors, please contact shane.mann@lsect.com.

Ideally we’re seeking applications covering the following topic areas:

  • Apprenticeship Funding
  • Apprenticeship Policy
  • Apprenticeship Regulation
  • Ofsted
  • Apprenticeship Levy
  • Working with Apprentices
  • Traineeships
  • Promoting Apprenticeship Vacancies
  • Developing Apprenticeship Standards
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Green Skills
  • Working with apprenticeship providers
  • Working with Employers
  • Working with SMEs
  • Working with large employers
  • End Point Assessment
  • Technology (learning)
  • Technology (systems)

All applications must be submitted by the end of Friday, 25th November.

Present a workshop at AAC 2023

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