The Skills Network

Making Learning and Skills Accessible

The Skills Network is an award-winning e-learning training provider, delivering high-quality educational content and resources through expertly developed technology.

Formed in Yorkshire in 2009, The Skills Network is the UK’s largest provider of e-learning experiences, serving the corporate, public and educational sectors around the world and leading in the development of environmental sustainability and eco literacy training.

Over the last decade, The Skills Network has had over 1.6 million learners using its learning portal EQUAL, accessing educational content from CPD through to professional qualifications at levels two, three, and four.

Offering over 150 courses in 30 countries around the world, The Skills Network upskill more than 35,000 learners in the UK alone each year and support over 5,000 organisations and 500 colleges & independent training providers in delivering distanced learning courses, staff training and apprenticeship programmes.

The Skills Network deliver state-of the art products through their expertly developed Learner Management System, offering a learning experience that meets the toughest regulatory requirements set by Ofsted, Ofqual and ESFA while continuing to uphold the highest standards in their unregulated training content.