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About AAC

The Annual Apprenticeship Conference is a national event for apprentice employers and providers. Founded in 2015, the event is operated by FE Week, which Lsect Ltd publishes.

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Space Only Stands

Fully detailed and scaled plans must be submitted for all Space
Only stands. Photographs, unclear faxed drawings or drawings from other
exhibitions will not be accepted. All plans and associated documentation must
be submitted in English. No stand may be constructed on-site without official
approval. Upon confirmation from Campbell Reith, the structural engineering firm,
no alterations can be made to the drawings submitted.

Complex Structures

A complex structure is any form of construction of any height
which requires cross-bracing and/or would normally be designed by an engineer
and /or has, through a Risk Assessment, been found to present significant risk.
Structures over 4 meters in height, multi-storey stands and suspended items of
400kg and over are always treated as complex structures. Platforms and stages
600mm or over in height, tiered seating and stairs are also considered complex
structures. Such structures must have fully detailed structural calculations
and/or a detailed Constructional Method Statement along with a suitable and
sufficient Risk Assessment submitted at the same time as your stand plans.

A copy of the scaled drawings (together with structural
calculations and construction drawing if required) must be submitted to
Philippa Barton no later than Monday 20 February

Plans must include:

  • All dimensions  

  • Building materials to be used

  • A ground plan and elevation drawing

  • The contact details of the exhibitor, contractor or designer
    submitting the plans

  • A copy of the Risk Assessment and Method Statement

  • For complex structures, a full copy of the structural calculations

  • A copy of their Public Liability insurance certificate

  • Employers’ Liability insurance certificate

If stand plans are not received together with the appropriate documentation from structural engineers (where necessary), stand building will not be allowed to begin until the organisers, and where necessary the venue, has approved them. Late submissions of plans can result in the venue failing to gain a licence for the show; therefore the stand will not be allowed to be constructed.

For further assistance with the completion of risk assessments, please visit:http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/index.htm

Specific Items of Risk – For all relevant documentation and
guidelines about specific items of risk please visit:



Lion Exhibitions work with a partner company, Flow,
who can work with you to supply a custom built stand if required.  AAC and Learning and Skills, events, consultancy and training Ltd takes no responsibility should you wish to engage Flow, this information is shared as an option, not a recommendation.