We are delighted to announce that Seema Malhotra MP, the Shadow Apprenticeships and Skills Minister, will be delivering a keynote address at the Annual Apprenticeship Conference (AAC) 2024, representing the Labour Party. This occasion marks the first time Ms. Malhotra will address the conference. Her speech is particularly noteworthy as it will offer a comprehensive insight into the Labour Party’s plans and strategies for apprenticeships and skills development, should they be victorious in the upcoming General Election.

Ms. Malhotra’s address is expected to highlight key policy proposals and initiatives that the Labour Party intends to implement, shedding light on their vision for the future of apprenticeships and skills.

Following her impactful address, Seema Malhotra MP will engage in an in-depth interview with AAC co-chairs Shane Mann and Kirstie Donnelly. This interview session promises to delve deeper into her perspectives and the Labour Party’s education agenda, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the party’s approach to these crucial areas.

Ms Malhotra will take part in plenary two of the AAC on Monday 26 February at Birmingham’s ICC. To view the current agenda visit: https://feweekaac.com/agenda/