Bud Systems

Maximising Training Performance

Bud is an end-to-end platform that manages all aspects of training delivery.  Designed to improve the experience of every user, the platform drives quality and consistency of training and boosts engagement.  

From enrolment to EPA Bud automates and workflows best-practice working methods meaning data and evidence of learning is no longer manually collected and stored in numerous systems.  As a single joined-up platform, Bud gives a 360-degree view of every learner.

We are delighted that more of the top 20 Independent Training Providers are with Bud than any other platform.  More and more are switching to Bud because the platform enables providers to maximise revenue and profit by reducing the cost of training delivery and improving learner outcomes. Ian Bamford, COO at Paragon Skills said:

“We have seen an impressive increase in our success rates since implementing Bud with numbers rising from 66.7% to 71.4% in a single year.”