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Since 2003 eLearning WMB has been on the cutting edge of edtech innovation, successfully pioneering and adopting the latest and greatest technologies and creating an Learning Management System that is both comprehensive and easy to use.

From this came the Open eLMS suite of products – a fully featured LMS that can handle your learners from induction to graduation, delivering a multitude of resource types in a straightforward, Netflix inspired userface your learners are probably using already!

Underpinning this is a robust and flexible back end for administrators and managers, allowing for users, resources and reporting to be managed within one off-the-shelf solution.

This makes achieving a tailor-fit solution easier than ever before, as you can group and deploy resources by learner groups (such as job role, department, city and country) and even control when these resources are visible. Advanced reporting functionality allows you to create and export reports, and even prepare your ESFA reports as the system can hold both financial and ILR data.

Open eLMS Classroom allows for remote interactivity like never before, so whether your L&D is mostly in classrooms or on the job, you can combine online video training with simultaneous completion of resources, and track the time spent on learning to ensure you are meeting the 20% target.

We’re passionate believers in the role technology has to play in producing better outcomes now and in the future – so if you have any questions about Open eLMS, or indeed about what edtech has to offer your organisation, reach out! We’d love to chat.