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1 in 5 learners in the UK leave education with no basic qualifications.

Yes, it’s a scary statistic.

Whilst we’ve made progress to reduce barriers to education in the UK, we’re still failing 20% of our learners.

The impact of is this is felt across educators, businesses and the UK as a whole.
Our data shows that as many as 1 in 3 of learners are neurodiverse. Supporting those learners is a significant challenge for providers.

Most learning providers, whether they’re universities, colleges, adult learning or apprenticeship providers struggle with:
Easily identifying learners with additional needs
Supporting those learners to succeed across their educational journey
Accessing funding to provide that support
That’s why we built Cognassist.

To help every learner reach their full potential and empower learning providers for the future.

To make sure no learner is left behind.

Cognassist is a unique #edtech SaaS platform focused on achieving that goal.

Our cloud-based platform identifies neurodiversity in under 30 minutes, provides personalised learner journeys which increase learner success, and delivers applied neuroscience training to enable providers to drive real change.

We help over 100 of the UK’s leading enterprises and education providers increase learner retention and attainment, improve Ofsted compliance/scores and increase learning support funding.