Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding is a national Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual with a passion for doing things differently

Our five year strategy includes embracing the technological changes in the way society works and the impact this should have on the learning experience.  We are working with training providers and their learners to harness these powerful tools and revolutionise the way in which regulated qualifications are delivered and assessed.

Specialising in apprenticeship component qualifications and other vocational qualifications, we cover most requirements but if you can’t find a fit with your business model, we can develop what you need to a timescale that suits you.  We pride ourselves in our rapid response to business and our top notch collaborative approach with our development partners.

We specialise in qualifications at Level 3 that are eligible for 24+ loans.

We offer the flexibility to develop qualifications’ structures that perfectly fit the needs of your learners and your business – so talk to us first.

Join Innovate Awarding and become the innovators of the future.