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About City & Guilds

As part of the City & Guilds Group, we believe in a world where people and organisations have the confidence and capabilities to prosper, today and in the future.

As workplaces evolve, so do we. That’s why City & Guilds sets the standard for skills that transform lives, industries and economies.

Founded in 1878 to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to help businesses thrive, our heritage sets us apart from our competitors. Today, that same passion and commitment still drives us. We anticipate the changing needs of people and organisations, embrace technology and new approaches to learning, and work with like-minded partners to develop the skills that industries demand across the world.

The world of work may be changing but our ambition to make a difference never will – to help people get into a job, develop on the job and move into the next job.

Unleashing tomorrow’s talent

About ILM

At ILM, we develop more talented leaders than anyone else, giving them the skills to make a real difference in their organisation and beyond.

ILM is the leading specialist provider of leadership qualifications in the UK. Last year, over 70,000 people enhanced their skills and performance with ILM, including 14,000 management apprentices. We believe that great leaders can come from anywhere. With the right support, anyone can grow and develop to make a real difference to their team and organisation. Which is why we help individuals from all levels to realise and apply their potential, so that the organisations they work for can reap the benefits.

Leadership without Limits