Steve Cross

Steve Cross

Principal Consultant at ITC Skills.

Steve has for over 18 year’s significant experience within the Education, Skills and Welfare to Work sectors at a senior level. Working for large providers and GE College’s, he has been fortunate to directly help shape Government strategy and was a pioneer using e-learning to achieve many ‘firsts’, dispelling the prejudices initially associated with its use.  He has been operationally and strategically involved in the improvement of skills delivery to long-term, often isolated unemployed learners, provided national concepts and tools to aid job search activities and access to the jobs market. He has also provide sustainable training and skills solutions for employers.

More recently in his role as Principal and Chief Executive of a community college, he has been passionate about improving the skills of teaching and assessing staff.  Steve joined the Trailblazer Group at the beginning to provide a voice for SMEs, Independent Training Providers and Levy paying employers who could benefit from changes to the apprenticeship and future skills market.


Introduction to Mentoring, Coaching/Assessing & Teaching Apprenticeship Standards

Hall 11b

Key to delivering and supporting apprenticeships will be the dual professionalism of individuals. Not only will they expect to have the vocational skills, knowledge and behaviours, but also demonstrate the attributes of a good mentor, coach/assessor or teacher. This session introduces the range of new standards required to be a successful apprentice within the FE […]