Becky James

Becky James
  • Director of Business Development & Sales, ILM

Becky James is Director of business development and sales at ILM, the UK’s leading provider of leadership and management qualifications. Becky is responsible for developing and delivering the global sales strategy for ILM, and leads a team of 30 to manage revenue generation in the UK and internationally.

Since joining ILM in 2010, Becky has worked across multiple industries including transport, financial services, retail, and food & drink, with clients from Specsavers to British Airways and Barclays. Becky also works closely with partners in City & Guilds Group on strategies to achieve future success for ILM and the wider Group.

Becky has extensive knowledge across leadership & management and coaching and understands the challenges faced with managing talent.  She is a qualified Performance coach and is passionate about the benefits of embedding coaching into management roles. She is a firm believer that management is non elitist and should work across all levels, and is dedicated to implementing a successful management in every organisation, regardless of structure or sector.

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