Angela Rayner MP

Angela Rayner MP
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Education

Angela was elected as Ashton-under-Lyne’s MP in 2015.

Born in a deprived area, Angela grew up on a council estate, went to the local state school and left at 16 when she was pregnant, after being told she would “never amount to anything.“

She started work as a care assistant for the elderly, where she got her first taste of trade unionism in fighting low pay and poor working conditions.
Her fellow care workers pushed her forward to represent them and soon she was being talent-spotted by senior officials in her union, UNISON for her no-nonsense, straight-talking style and her shrewd approach to negotiating.

As a mother of three, she has had to juggle child care with low paid shift work and been forced to count the pennies at the end of every week.
Angela has risen through the ranks of UNISON, serving at the grass roots as Branch Secretary for Stockport Council before being elected to represent 200,000 public sector workers across the North West, including school support staff, refuse workers, cleaners and hospital technicians.

She has also served on Labour’s National Policy Forum and helped ensure the Labour Government’s go-ahead for Capitalisation Funding to deliver equal pay for women working in the public sector.

Low pay, the impact of austerity on working people and the future of the National Health Service are amongst her key political priorities. She is a gifted organiser and campaigner and extremely experienced at dealing with the media.

Angela is 35 years old and is married to Mark, who is a full-time trade union official. Two of her children have disabilities and she is the main carer for her mother, who is bi-polar.

Angela is also a keen runner and, three days after the General Election, will take part in a 10K run to raise funds for a local group of women who supply specialist knitwear for premature babies at St Mary’s Hospital where one of her sons was born.

She is a member of the Labour Women’s Network, the Fawcett Society and Fabian Society.

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