Plenary One | Apprenticeships, what is going on?

Hall 1

9:30 am - 10:45 am


During our opening plenary session, we will hear from several influential and prominent experts from across the apprenticeships. Speakers will be looking at current hot topics and looking ahead to the near future and beyond in terms of policy and delivery.

Nick Linford keynote speech title | Future-proof your provision: Policy versus practice and where next for apprenticeship reform

The apprenticeship levy is coming to the end of its second year and some employers will start to lose access to unspent funds. So what’s working and what’s likely to change? In this session, at the beginning of AAC 2019, Nick will explore whether key aspects of the funding reforms are working as intended (including co-investment, minimum off-the-job training and the negotiated rate) and where there is likely to be further reform heading into 2020.

Mark Dawe keynote speech title | 2019 – it’s crunch time 

Further information about this plenary will be announced shortly.