QDP Services

QDP Services

QDP Services is Commercial Partner of The Collab Group and the sectors preferred and most trusted supplier of feedback services! Our products will provide you with fresh and relevant data appertaining to Compliance, Capability, Capacity and Quality as well as Health and Safeguarding issues, helping ensure your compliance with the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.  QDP know that Ofsted recognise our work as robust in its process and delivery and that it can be relied upon by all stakeholders.

Our specifically designed feedback service for apprenticeships covers all aspects of the apprentice experience:

360° Skills Reviews

  • Identify achievements and pinpoint concerns for every apprentice.
  • Compare how apprentices rate their progress with the views of their mentors and peers.
  • Individualised reports monitor progress throughout the apprenticeship, giving each apprentice ownership of their progress.

Apprentice Satisfaction

Tailored questionnaires focussing on any contributing factors to the apprenticeship experience; e.g.:

  • Organisation of the Apprenticeship
  • Experiences in the Workplace
  • Health & Safety
  • Assessments
  • Wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing – Staff & Apprentices

Specific questionnaires designed to help with retention through quick identification of potential warning signs, allowing for early intervention and monitoring.

Destination & Early Leaver

Our dedicated telephone unit are on hand to contact leavers to:

  • Find out what they have gone on to do next.
  • Ascertain reasons early leavers didn’t finish. Quick turnaround allows for the potential re-engagement.. 

Employer Satisfaction

Find out how employers rate the services you provide and unlock the potential for further associations between the organisation and the training provider.

Bespoke Surveys

Create your own, completely bespoke feedback projects. Our Customer Services Team will be on hand to offer expert advice, to help you gather the feedback you are looking for.

Each project includes a full set of easy to read, comprehensive, industry standard reports. This includes External and Internal Benchmarking and Distance Travelled data, giving all stakeholders timely information to help them ensure the apprentice achieves their full potential and gains the most from every aspect of their apprenticeship journey.

Visit www.qdpservices.co.uk and look out for our testimonials, to see what your colleagues say!