At Pearson, we create tools that provide opportunities for learners at every stage of their journey.  We work in partnership with colleges, training providers and employers to grow your apprenticeship business.

Our mission is to help people make progress in their lives through learning — because we believe that learning opens up opportunities, creating fulfilling careers and better lives.

We have a product or service offer for every step of the apprenticeships journey, from on-programme learning to keeping your apprentices on track with tailored learning resources, through guidance on successful EPA planning and delivery to bespoke sales and marketing support to grow your business.

Technology underpins everything we do; by putting technology at the heart of learning, we aim to support, motivate and inspire every educator and every learner.

Pearson makes it easy to create, deliver and grow first-class apprenticeship programmes. Our apprenticeships provide outstanding assessment quality, reliability and flexibility across a wide range of sectors.

Whether you are a business hoping to maximise your levy payments or a training centre delivering the new apprenticeship standards, we’re here to support you and get where you need to be.

Visit us on stand A34 or join one of our workshops to find out how we can help you to develop, design and deliver outstanding apprenticeship programmes.

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