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Collaboration is the key to successful apprenticeship delivery. Apprenticeships succeed when providers, employers and apprentices all work together with a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Aptem has been specifically designed to support this collaboration, so that every participant can see what they need to do and then do it.
Aptem, the leading technology platform for providers to deliver programmes, has been significantly upgraded to support the latest apprenticeship requirements.
Aptem transforms your apprenticeship delivery through a number of design features. A tech-first approach means that for those individuals who can use technology the default is to use technology. This saves you time and money whilst ensuring and demonstrating quality.
An end-to-end single solution
Aptem is a single platform and database for:
• Employer engagement (CRM)
• Recruitment
• Candidate Management
• Onboarding including ILR
• Blended Learning Plan mapped directly to Standards
• ePortfolio evidence gathering integrated into learning delivery interface
• Evidence collated into a presentation format for end point assessment
• Reporting
• Communications
The convenience that this provides is compelling. It is a single system for your team to learn and your organisation to purchase. Double-keying of data and the consequent time and error costs are eliminated. Meanwhile, reporting becomes far easier.
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