itslearning is a virtual learning environment that helps personalise learning by putting curriculum resources, instructional strategies, objective-based lesson plans and assessments, in one easy-to-access central location. The platform provides countless time-saving tools for educators to create engaging lessons and resources, makes tutor, learner and employer collaboration and sharing of materials easy, and automates routine tasks so tutors have more time to focus on their learners.

Helping improve education in and out of the classroom, itslearning’s most popular features include:

Curriculum and Content Management – itslearning includes built-in curriculum and content management capabilities that enables tutors to dynamically plan and connect all their activities with learning objectives – all in one login!

Reporting and Analytics – With its reporting options leaders and tutors can track everything and add data to specific priorities and practices. Holistic overview = improved planning, improved learning.

Personalised instruction – Through itslearning, tutors can provide voice and choice, individual learning plans and a variety of optional (yet curriculum-aligned) learning resources – ultimately, better facilitating student success.

Communicate and Collaborate – By offering Intuitive tools for interaction and sharing; itslearning allows users to seamlessly collaborate with learners, tutors and employers.

Full Integration –  Connect itslearning with a multitude of software, tools and content providers as well as cloud apps like Google for Education and Microsoft Office.

Today, itslearning has over 7 million worldwide users.