Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding is a national awarding organisation and EPAO. We are pioneers in cutting-edge developments for the workforce of the future, ensuring that we play our role in making a positive impact on society and continue to drive/influence economic growth.

We are regulated by multiple regulators including Ofqual and have passion for doing things differently. We are focused on ensuring that we make the Apprenticeship reforms a success by providing a ‘No surprise’ approach to EPA.  We want Providers and Apprentices to have the best chance of success and have built our systems and processes to get apprentices through assessment in the most effective and efficient way.

Currently we are approved to deliver 38 standards across multiple sectors including Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Learning Development, Leadership and Management, Education and Childcare. During delivery of standards and End-point Assessment, new opportunities for support may be identified by Employers and Training Providers. Innovate Awarding has a process for reviewing new support requirements and will continue to develop new materials as part of this process.

We also provide a range of vocational qualifications to FE colleges, training providers and employers, and we are working alongside them to revolutionise the way in which they are delivered and assessed. We offer a great range of qualifications in multiple sectors but we can also develop fully bespoke qualifications to a timescale that suits the customer. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and responsiveness to business needs.