Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding is an established Awarding and End-point Assessment organisation delivering across 29 standards. The world of End-point assessment is new to us all and we believe in supporting employers throughout the entire EPA journey to best prepare apprentices for success.  This is done through a no surprises approach, with our Product Managers guiding employers and providers through the journey, to ensure no confusion about the expectations of our assessments.  We also provide innovative and bespoke solutions for assessment delivery, based upon the best fit for the employer and the environment they work within.

Everything we do supports our Brand values of Approachable, Efficient and Resourceful.


We come across as helpful

We show we understand

We respond to our clients’ needs


We are easy and straight forward

to deal with

We make complex things clear

We ensure a no surprises approach to our assessment expectations


We think like our clients

Whatever we do, we do well.

To find out more visit our stand (A64) or visit our website

Our role is to support you by providing the best opportunity for your apprentice’s success when they reach End-point Assessment, therefore, all our support, guidance and ways of working are driven by this.