ICONI Software

ICONI Software

ICONI specialises in helping organisations support Learners progressing through their educational journey, gaining skills and moving into sustainable employment. Our Customer Engagement & Progression (CEP) solutions can support your organisation in efficiently delivering the best possible experience to your Learners.

CEP is used throughout the UK and Ireland to track and report on including Careers Guidance, Apprenticeship Programmes, Counselling Support and many other learning support programmes. CEP is configured to map to your operational delivery processes to support the Learner in successfully completing their journey. If your organisation helps to support Learners to develop their skills and confidence through training or apprenticeships programmes, then CEP is perfect for your organisation.

CEP is not only Learner-centric, but also fully supports Advisers and Tutors in managing their caseloads, reducing administrative overheads and enabling them to focus on the needs of the Learner through tailored support interventions. ICONI is ISO9001 & ISO27001 accredited.

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