ACE360 is an Apprenticeship Management Solution introduced to market by The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (FISSS) that has been designed to cater to the needs of the Apprenticeship industry currently navigating the new world of ‘Standard Apprenticeships’.

Harnessing years of experience as Statutory Certifying Authority throughout ‘Apprenticeship Frameworks’, The Federation decided to invest and make their product the most cost-effective on the market after building relationships with employers, End Point Assessment Organisations,  training providers and End Quality Assurance Providers as a charitable body.

The Federations charitable intentions are very centric to ACE360. This, they believe, allows for a more inclusive Apprenticeship management pipeline as the product is affordable to all organisations with their unique pay as you go approach and no setup fees or ongoing costs. This comes as a pleasant surprise to many organisations that have been offered the complete opposite, which in turn, would stifle improved connectivity within industry as only the fortunate few can afford solutions costing thousands of pounds.

ACE360’s mission is to connect delivery partners, with an industry-wide 360 experience, allowing for Apprenticeship records to be passed back and forth in a GDPR compliant way. Why is this important? Simply put, for many years, those working with Apprenticeships have had to rely on paper based processes or multiple systems which results in data entry errors, extensive administrative burdens, communication issues and roadblocks to future planning.

ACE360 addresses all of these concerns with their secure cloud-based solution with unlimited user access for your team, workflow and notifications to be kept in the loop with Apprentice progress and much more.

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