CognAssist is a unique education solutions business focused on helping neurodiverse learners and their education providers succeed. Together with neurodiversity experts, Dr John Welch and Dr Clive Skilbeck, we’ve created the sector’s most sophisticated digital assessment tool – identifying neurodiversity in under 30 minutes. Our online courses then provide appropriate training, unlocking additional funding, and improving learner outcomes.

We create opportunity for learners by assessing their additional learning needs and providing them with targeted learning materials to support them in their learning.

We create opportunity for apprenticeship, work-based and college learning providers by enabling them to identify, support and fund those with additional learning needs.

Our unique combination of analysis and expertise delivered through innovative technology is designed to help providers and their learners achieve more. To date, over 60 learning providers have trusted us to profile and support over 20,000 learners. Together, we help them both succeed.